We At Bancroft And Morrice United Methodist Churches Invite You To Worship With Us!

No Matter Where You Are At On Life’s Journey, You Are Welcome Here!

We believe that God loves all of creation, and through Jesus Christ we are brought into fellowship with God. We are a family, proclaiming the love and grace of God, as found in God's Word. All are welcome at Bancroft and Morrice United Methodist Churches - those who believe as well as those who are seeking.

At each service we gather for meaningful worship to study God’s word.

We reach out with the heart of ministry to care for our neighbors in the name of Christ here and around the world. We have fun and fellowship in a variety of activities ranging from Chili Cook Off to Ladies Tea.

As we work and worship together we find that our faith grows as we enjoy friends old and new.

You will discover opportunities for discipleship and spirtual growth at Bancroft and Morrice United Methodist Churches. Our website is just the introduction to the spirit of our church. We want you to feel at home and comfortable here. We are pleased to welcome you as part of a Christian community.

Please Join Us For An Upcoming Worship Service. There’s A Place For You Here At Bancroft And Morrice United Methodist Churches .



Due to a technical oversight, there will not be online worship today.

Next week we will have communion in individual cup/wafer combo.  If you would like communion at your home due to Covid concerns, please contact Pastor Coleen. 989-413-9850. luv2cookmom64@gmail.com


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