If you have any announcements for the bulletin, please call or text Lisa or e-mail her at liziree@yahoo.com

Please remember to fill out your Welcome and Connect card.

UMCOR Sunday will be March 31. Both churches will be taking special offerings and focus on this special giving Sunday.

Maundy Thursday 7:00 pm at Morrice

Good Friday at Perry Nazarene evening time to be announced.

Bay Shore Camp brochures are available. Please contact Nina for more information.

Lenten Bible Study will meet at 6:30 pm on Thursday at Bancroft UMC.

This year Sunrise Service and potluck will be at Bancroft for both churches. Service at 7:00 am followed by 9 and 10:30 am Easter Services at each church.



Choir: Will be meeting right after church. 

Bible Study Tuesday at 10:00 am at Barb W's house



Alpha & Omega Bible Study is Wednesday at 4:00 pm at the church. 

The General Board of Global Ministries no longer recognizes the Haiti Hot Lunch Program as an Advance Special. More details are on the church website. Please do not plan on giving to Haiti Hot Lunch offering (Advance # 418790).


Worship Help Next Week:

Bancroft Reader: Barb Medlock

Bancroft Greeter: Barb Medlock

Morrice Reader: